Get Your Hands On A High-Quality Eyelash Glue Even If You Are Just Budding In The World Of Beauty

by Adminepeyelashes on August 18, 2021

Forget about mascara, eyeliner, and eyelash extensions; eyelash glue is what the real game is about! What elevates the glow of your audiences like a pair of eyelash extensions and high-quality eyelash glue is all you need to make them last longer. We are sure you don’t want your customers to face the embarrassment of bald eyelashes in the middle of a formal lunch. 


4 Things to Keep Track of While Choosing the Eyelash Glue That Lasts for Weeks:

Choosing a high-quality eyelash glue is much more than picking up the recommended make-up product. It’s choosing the best for your customers and placing their uniqueness above everything. Here, we are giving you a quick guide to keeping track of while choosing the best eyelash glue.

  1. Optimum Temperature Can Make Your Eyelash Glue Retainable:

Temperature changes can play a surprising role in choosing your best eyelashes glue. After all, eyelash glue is a liquid and like every other liquid, it tends to solidify and harden when the temperature drops. In contrast, when the temperature rises it liquefies more and dries quicker than normal.

  1. Know the Wonders Humidity Can Play in Helping You Choose the Best Eyelash Glue:

Humidity is more like an activator for eyelash glue. The main ingredient for eyelash glues i.e., cyanoacrylate only works with the ideal humidity around i.e., 45-60%. Higher humidity compels the eyelash glue to dry quickly. Higher humidity overstimulates cyanoacrylates and therefore it loses its adhesion property giving you a tough time trying to make it retainable. 

  1. Watch Your Customer’s Speed, It’s Not Always About the Best Glue for Eyelash Extensions:

Not all your audience are experts in the beauty industry. When first applying lashes, they need time to fix them. Best eyelash glue for newbies would be the one that gives them just time to fix lash placement. Whereas for beauty pros it’s no big deal and they prefer an eyelash glue that dries as quickly as their fingers move. Be aware of your target audience and that’ll help you in choosing the high-quality eyelash glue for your customers according to their speed.

  1. Choice of Eyelash Glue Varies with Skin Sensitivity:

Consider giving space to eyelash glue for sensitive skin on your shelf. Although it has a shorter retention span, it minimizes irritation and offers a quality of reduced fumes. A wide range of people are allergic to fumes or they want to experiment around with a gentler glue and this is how you welcome them.


When push comes to shove, it has to be realized that the final decision has to be yours. A stiff recommendation wouldn’t help you when selecting the eyelash glue that’s best for your customers. We aim to respect the infinite borders of the beauty industry and therefore provide ample space for your imagination. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go with thin or denser eyelash glue. Whether you need time to fix it or you’ve already become an expert. You can better decide the best eyelash glue for your target audience.


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