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Only one place for you all your beauty needs! We are committed to providing exceptional service and quality products to you our customers at an affordable price. Here at SP EYELASH, customers come first; We are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to better serve you to enhance your experience with our company. We have everything you need to help you make the best choice for your most important personal investment: Your Beauty!

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Individual Eyelash Extension

(1) Aluminum Foil Backing  (for clean peel off).
(2) 2mm Sticky Strip, easy pickup.
(3) Softest Imported 100% Korean PBT Fiber.
(4) Darkest Matte Finish.
(5) 100% Hand-made, no residue.
(6) 8-25mm single & mix length, 0.03mm-0.25mm thickness.


Flora Lashes

(1) High grade PBT material, daker and softer
(2) Never falling apart roots
(3) Durable curl
(4) Speed up lash speed
(5) Grap less lashes to creat thinner spikes

7D wispy lashes (1).jpg__PID:6780f689-53dd-4803-9ffd-0ea0c30407b2
9d wispy lashes.jpg__PID:ddd8031f-fd0e-40c3-8407-b22cb5cccbbb
5D wispy lashes (3).jpg__PID:496780f6-8953-4dd8-831f-fd0ea0c30407
5D wispy lashes (1).jpg__PID:ec984967-80f6-4953-9dd8-031ffd0ea0c3
7D wispy lashes (3).jpg__PID:f68953dd-d803-4ffd-8ea0-c30407b22cb5
9d wispy lashes (3).jpg__PID:53ddd803-1ffd-4ea0-8304-07b22cb5cccb

Premade Wispy Lashes

(1) It can creat cat eye russian lash map
(2) Pointy base with unified camber,  the middle hair is thicker and longer


Premade fans Eyelash 

(1) Made from 100% Korean PBT material, it is softer and darker.
(2) Thin base with wide symmetric fan, it is easy to make fans for the artist.
(3) Even space, aluminum foil back, clean to pick off.
(4) Including short stem fans, long stem fans, colored fans, pointy base fans, loose lashes, heat bonded fans, xl trays fans.


Colored Pre-made Fans 

(1) Wider fans, thinner base, easy to apply.
(2) 100% imported Korea PBT Material, very soft .
(3) The stem, bonds with the natural lash properly,  makes it easier to use for some new lash artists.
(4)Non-sticky, easy to pick.


Pro-made Fans

(1) 100% imported Korea PBT Material, 100% handmade.
(2) Pointy root, wider fans, thinner base.
(3) Middle-taped, easier to remove from the lash tray.


Easy fan Eyelash Extension

(1) Made from 100% Korean PBT material.
(2) Every row is double layers, it is easy to made fans.
(3) Add a boiling process to keep its bending.
(4) Stable curves, won't refill even in 80℃ high temperature.


Ellipse Eyelash Extension

(1) Uniquely designed with the purpose of excellent bonding.
(2) Use less glue retention as they have the ability to merge around your own natural lash.
(3) The rhomboid structure (oval shape) helps create a better fit without the added weight which will help your lashes last longer.
(4) Split tip for a full fluffy effect.
(5) Thinner than the standard flat lash 0.15 thickness with the weight of a 0.05 and the softness of a 0.03 lash.

DIY Set (3).jpg__PID:db29c51b-799e-4a5b-9779-dc3c939afeb4
DIY Set (4).jpg__PID:29c51b79-9eaa-4b97-b9dc-3c939afeb49a
DIY Set (5).jpg__PID:c51b799e-aa5b-4779-9c3c-939afeb49a2d
DIY Set (1).jpg__PID:a697db29-c51b-499e-aa5b-9779dc3c939a

DIY Lashes

(1) It is made of super quality material , it is softer nad black, more wispy.
(2) Do it yourself lashes.
(3) Cheap lashes creat different styles.
(4) Last 5-7days&reusable.
(5) Takes 10 min for easy application.


More styles to choose

   We are one of the most successful lash manufacturers with multiple awards for product quality and customer service.  We provide everything a lash artist could ever need to succeed in their lash career at an affordable price, so just tell us what you need!!!


Business Tips

How to Start Your Business

We wish you have an excellent experience for your business in SP EYELASH!!!


Leave your email, or Whatsapp number, or contact our sales, and we will send you our catalog with full details. Please feel free to tell us what you need, if you have no idea, just ask us for suggestions, by the way, we have more eyelash styles than you think.


If you want to customize a private label please send us your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, no worries, tell us your idea and our designer will help to make a free one for you!


Please send me your address and quantity, we will calculate a favorable cost for you.


You can pay for it after all details are confirmed, we support multiple payment methods including Paypal, credit card, west union, and bank-to-bank.


Our sales will arrange to produce your order asap and keep you any updates. And keep following the whole process until you received your orders.


Our sales will send you package videos or pictures and tracking number before your order shipped out. You can check the delivery info of your order anytime.

Contact us or you can leave your message, Any questions we will reply within 24 hours.

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Eyelash Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance

A stringent control specification ensures the qualification of every aspect, thickness, curl, length, cards, packaging, and label.


Raw material control


Thickness control


Curl and length control


Packing Control

Contact us or you can left your message, Any question we will reply within 24 hours.

Believe us, we hate spam as much as you do. You don't have to worry about us ever sharing your contact details with anyone.

Our Targeted Group

Who We Service

Local lashes wholesale Supplier

Best quality lashes with stable supply and wholesale price, we’re your best choice for long-term cooperation business partner, always be the strongest backing you can trust and help to develop a booming business. Contact us to get the full details to start our cooperation!

Beauty&lashes Salon Owner

We’re a lash manufacturer leader who always pursue the best quality and devote to innovate to inspire your creation of beauty, not only lashes extensions also included more than 100+ accessories products lines, and our R&D team are always keep going on! Join us and make it possible for everything!

Lashes Technician

Need high-quality lashes to bring your clients a good user experience? Don’t want to invest lots of money in your beginning lashes business? Looking at us and we’d love to give you our large supports! The best quality lashes with fast delivery and 10 trays Minimum order quantity only, no stock pressure and make everything goes easily! DM us to grab it if you’re interested, we’re here, ready for you!

Lashes Training Academy

If you’re a lashes training academy and do great work in lashes training, have you customized a private label card with your own brand for your students? If not yet please no hesitate to contact us to make everything special for you! We supply a free logo design service and can help to make a full set of customization for your lash products! Tell us your idea and make it become reality!

Your Ideal Choices

Why Choose Us

Quality is the core of business.

All lash material certified via FDA & MSDS, with very high quality 100% content PBT fiber. Strictly quality system to inspect each process in production.

Top rated research and development team & designers.

Top-rated research and development team collects trendy styles from different countries and innovates brand-new styles based on them. Our designer can help to customize all kinds of items with your logo.

Lashes manufacturer leader

Largest lashes manufacturer leader in China with 200K-300K Monthly productions for stable supply, Always pursue the innovation of technology to supply best quality and more than 100+ lashes accessories production lines, one-stop shop for your beauty needs!


Contact us or you can left your message, Any question we will reply within 24 hours.

Believe us, we hate spam as much as you do. You don't have to worry about us ever sharing your contact details with anyone.

Our Advantages

Company Strength


(100% hand made and super fast delivery time)

-the largest Dust-free factory

-300+ staffs

-200K~300K Monthly productions

-12 years experience

-the core technology of pre made volume lashes R&D.

-Strictly quality control


(multi-channel transportation)

-We have cooperated with DHL, UPS, FEDEX and 5 freight forwarders.

-Ship within 24 hours for sample order if we have stock.

-All lashes are packed via waterproof tape.


(friendly and professional)

-Arrange designer to design your private label

-Help you establish your business and give you suggestion

-Help you to solve after sale question

-Update your production schedule


People Love Us

I purchased a lot of stuff from SP eyelash for my supply and SP helped me a lot to grow my lash business! They have a wide product line even including all kinds of kits for my lash lift!! Beat all prices and are so kind and work hard! They keep in contact with through everything updates and lots of love to SP and definitely recommend cooperating! We work through and believe we can become stronger together.

Beauty supply wholesale store from Houston, USA

I love SP lashes they make fans sooo easy! It’s super matte and lasts so long time with the natural lashes, both I and my customers love it so much!! They helped me a lot to rebrand with my own logo even in all kinds of kits! Thanks so much, SP makes everything so special for me! Love to order more from this company.

6 years experienced lashes technician from Canada

I have tried lots of suppliers in the past and SP eyelash's quality and service are the best so far. I love their high quality and fast delivery so much, I have a big group lash training to host and need the lashes ASAP, so they shipped my order and then it arrived within 4 days! Thank you for all your hard work and FAVORITE supplier forever!

Lashes Training Academy from Australia

My name is Tiffany White and I owned 10 lashes salons & training centers in the UK, I have worked with SP for more than 3 years already since we met at the exhibition in 2018. And then they invited our team to visit their lashes factory in China. Actually I visited more than 5 factories before that and SP is the only factory that has a dust-free workshop and product research team in these factories. I’m glad to come to this factory and choose them to become my business partner finally as these guys are so nice to work together in the past few years and sometimes I got some problems but they always have a solution to make everything perfect. Thanks SP all workers, employees and our customers, thank you for all your hard work and supports and I’m confident we will be better on the other side than ever together.

Salon owner from UK


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Contact us or you can left your message, Any question we will reply within 24 hours.

Believe us, we hate spam as much as you do. You don't have to worry about us ever sharing your contact details with anyone.