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On the way to pursuing beauty, we always believe that the world of beauty is infinite, and it has endless possibilities. That’s why SP Eyelash, as a creator, keeps expanding and enhancing our offerings, in order to leave space for your imagination and your own creation of beauty.

We attach great importance to product innovations. We look in to what customers need and what is in trend in the market, and develop various competitive products, which allow our clients and customers to create their own styles.

Besides this, we provide a series of value-added services as well to our clients, to create a healthy growing opportunity for their business growth. In this way, we nurture our clients and reach infinite possibilities of beauty together.

SP Eyelash, inspire your creation of beauty.

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We believe that the world of beauty is infinite

The idea of beauty is constantly changing as time flows and can vary between people. Ac- tually, there are no rules, no specific standards or definitions for beauty. The world of beauty therefore has endless possibilities, which leaves infinite room for your imagination and your cre- ation of it.


Nurturing clients to grow and create infinite possibilities of beauty

On the way to pursuing beauty together with our clients, we care about them a lot. By devel- oping various products through innovations, we enable and inspire their own creation of beauty. Besides this, we provide a series of supporting services to help with their businesses and create a healthy growing opportunity for them to reach infinite possibilities.


The world of beauty has endless possibilities.

There is infinite space for your imagination and your creation of it. Therefore, SP Eyelash provides various options through innovations, allowing you to fully express your imagination and to inspire your creation of beauty.

People love us

I have a ton of people messaging me wanting me to order the products but I’m glad I went with you guys and I hope everything works out!! Thank you for working with me and making everything so special I really appreciate you alls hard work.


Yes ma’am thank you so much honestly never know there was ppl like you , ‘to help out ‘ Out of all the vendors I bought from your MY FAV ️ , I do sell but it’s rare on lashes , I Absolutely love all the lashes I got they will for ever and always be my fav lol ️ 🦋

Katlyn Moses - LA

Omg no way wow super fast ma’am 💖💖💖💖 yay can’t wait thank you so much miss Sophie , best company ever SP EYELASH 💕 Every looks so beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Syeda Dixon - canada

Yaayyy SP Eyelash , I’m lucky you got Sponsored on.

Ira Daniel - LA

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