We never go with the option of compromising quality and this is one of the biggest promises we made to you and will honestly keep. We are quite confident about our product quality and we assure you that it’ll fulfill your needs soundly.

Have a look at why do we name our quality assurance as complete?

1. Quality Control of Material

We are well aware that the quality of materials is a very important aspect of any product. We believe the material of eyelash-related products has a big role to play in their retention, appearance, and many more attributes therefore we keep a separate quality control check over the material of the product. With this service, we aim to fulfill your highest expectations. Before sending our final product to you we take out time to check on the quality of all materials that have made it to the final product so that no compromise is made on the productivity of your business. You’ll shortly start noticing it in the form of your customers’ satisfaction.

2. Quality Control of The Working Process

The process in which materials are processed is the game-changer. Even, high-quality products can be made into poor end products if the manufacturing process is poor. We make sure that the product quality is improved with every passing day by inspecting the working process. We have set well-defined controls to standardize the process of manufacturing. This greatly helps us in reducing the errors that could be otherwise easily committed during the manufacturing process and have affected your reputation with your customers. We put in extra efforts each day to improve the manufacturing process of the eyelash-related products that we deliver to you.

3. Quality Control of The Working Employees

We take high care of employees’ training when they are involved in the manufacturing process. We ensure that that employees are not involved in tasks they aren’t trained for as this affects the quality of the final product, we deliver to you. We work on employees to increase their morale and ultimately the quality of work they deliver. We focus on making them feel concerned for you and your eyelash-related products so that they happily put in all their efforts.

4. Quality Control of The Product Packaging

Along with our product, our product packaging will also not fail to please you. We ensure that your order of eyelash-related products is packaged with great care and sophistication. We make sure to examine the packaging right before it’s departed to be delivered to you to limit the room for errors.

5. Quality Control of The End Product

All these efforts ultimately contribute to a quality product being manufactured. Despite this, we separately check on the end product to ensure it is up to the mark and fulfills the quality we’ve promised to you. We re-check the products to see if they are suitable to match your needs.

After passing through such a long list of checks you can feel why we feel confident about our product quality. We value your satisfaction and that’s exactly why we have introduced such a quality assurance system.

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I have a ton of people messaging me wanting me to order the products but I’m glad I went with you guys and I hope everything works out!! Thank you for working with me and making everything so special I really appreciate you alls hard work.


Yes ma’am thank you so much honestly never know there was ppl like you , ‘to help out ‘ Out of all the vendors I bought from your MY FAV ️ , I do sell but it’s rare on lashes , I Absolutely love all the lashes I got they will for ever and always be my fav lol ️ 🦋

Katlyn Moses - LA

Omg no way wow super fast ma’am 💖💖💖💖 yay can’t wait thank you so much miss Sophie , best company ever SP EYELASH 💕 Every looks so beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Syeda Dixon - canada

Yaayyy SP Eyelash , I’m lucky you got Sponsored on.

Ira Daniel - LA

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