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Introducing New Products

We are determined on introducing new products into your service. Innovations have always been our uniqueness. We will keep putting efforts into introducing products that are new in the market. So, wait not to grab your customers’ attention with our new product. New products on your shelf are going to give you a boost and competitive advantage over your competition. If you are not rated as a top one in the market yet, this is your chance to become one as a new product will give you an edge over the rest.

Introducing New Techniques

We do not encourage relying upon the oldest techniques of time and not modifying with time. We try to improve with every passing day and adopt new techniques for your ease and benefit. We try to go for techniques costing you less money, providing more benefits, and working in the long run.

Dust-Free Workspace

Being in the beauty industry, we take special care of the dust dealings. You would never find our workspaces flooded with dust upon any of your visits. The indoor cleanliness condition of our workshops doesn’t depend on weather conditions outside. You’ll always find it clean and dust-free regardless of winds blowing outside. Such clean workspaces encourage work of better quality and quickly.

Training Courses for Customers

We are the ones to introduce training sessions along with products. After deep observation, we have concluded that not all desired people out there have been properly trained for performing the procedures. People in dire need of the training sessions are either newbies or the ones desiring to use our newly introduced products and features.

We are here to provide you with training courses to make your life easier and these sessions may range from a simple course as ‘How to put eyelashes on eyelids?’ to far more complex ones.

Certified from Well-Known, Global, And Renowned Organizations

We are claiming nothing on our own, neither do we encourage baseless promises that have no ground to stand upon. We are certified by well-known, global, and renowned organizations for the quality of services we provide to you. We strictly stick to the formal standards of quality and industry rules. This will help you feel confident about our competence, reliability, and knowledge of what we do.

Supreme Quality Eyelashes

We are being loyal to you and the fine quality of our product is solid proof for the matter. A fine quality eyelash-related product has been and will always be a first and foremost promise between us. With this feature, you will have to put the least effort into the maintenance of our product. Have a look at the features we’ve got to offer you to make our product symbolize the highest quality.

100 % Handmade Eyelash at reasonable prices

The market is flooding with pre-made eyelashes due to their quick application but the disadvantages highly exceed the benefits. We are concerned about your health and that’s why we are investing time and money being one of the few providing handmade eyelashes. You’ll feel at advantage with handmade eyelashes. Skim through the most obvious advantages;

Benefit 1

Handmade eyelashes easily wrap around the natural lashes making the weight evenly distributed throughout the lash line.

Benefit 2

Handmade eyelashes offer a greater lash volume when applied to the lash line.

Benefit 3

Handmade eyelashes can be adjusted according to your choice and requirements and this can help you create a look of your choice.

100 % Imported Korean PBT Fiber as Raw Material

PBT Fiber has always been the desired choice for eyelash extensions. By origin, polybutylene terephthalate is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It is well-reputed for being a flexible and resistant plastic. PBT fiber as raw material in eyelash extensions have a bundle of benefits to offer, a few of which are:

Benefit 1

PBT fiber wouldn’t let the eyelashes lose their curl.

Benefit 2

PBT is the material with the least risk involved in triggering allergic reactions to eyelash extensions.

Benefit 3

It offers a silky and soft look to the eyes.

Benefit 4

Eyelashes of PBT fibers are long-lasting and soft to touch.


Providing you with products made of quality raw materials is our primary concern.

Eyelash Quality in Par with Those of Major Brands

To make a long story short, we are confident in promising you that the quality of our eyelash-related products will be on par with those of major brands. We’ll provide you with the quality of products no less than the products of brands you’ve been looking forward to taking inspiration from. We promise to provide you with products performing their tasks as easily and efficiently as possible.

A Proactive R&D Team

We have a proactive research and development team playing a great role in keeping our business up to date and above the competition. Our R&D team leaves no stone unturned in introducing new and useful features into the business. We always focus on looking to improve the quality in light of the feedback received from our customers, the market, wholesalers, and product users. The R&D team constantly works on improving current services along with introducing new ones in the queue.

Our product quality wouldn’t disappoint you at any cost.

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