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You are a priority and you should know that. We wouldn’t disappoint you at any point where you get connected to us. We’d help you return with more cheerful feelings than with the ones you approached us. To ensure that the eyelash-related products match your caliber we’ll always go the extra mile.

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An Entire Team Dedicated to Your Service

We’ve spared an entire team out of the staff to serve you with dedication. The team is here to provide any sort of support and help regarding eyelash-related products, company, or any other thing you are doubtful about. Consider our customer service team your go-to place to address any inquiries regarding our product, services, or anything about us.







Multiple Communication Methods

We aren’t of the kind who’d restrict you to a specific way of communication. Communicate with us through any of the many ways available. Go for any method that’s more comfortable for you. You have got an open choice to choose from a range of communication methods like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email.


We Value Your Time

We are well aware that time is the most precious asset of any successful business. Therefore, we value your time and have designed a time-saving service for you. You wouldn’t feel the need for long communication hours to finalize the purchase of eyelash-related products with us.


Feel Free to Communicate in Multiple Languages

We offer the feasibility of multiple languages communication to omit the language barrier usually faced by businesses. You don’t necessarily have to speak and understand the exact language as us to establish a connection with us. Everybody has their right over beauty and languages offer great hindrances in this industry. Pledge to join hands with us and go the extra mile if needed to bridge the chasm between us.

We Promise to Be Honest

We promise to be honest with you. We’ll only promise you the things we can truly provide you and no more. If we are unsure anywhere about the discussion, we’ll never prefer to misguide you. We’ll be happy to straight away inform you to avoid any loss of yours.

You Come First

Always stay satisfied with the fact that you are a priority to us. You are not only an order but you are the ones who we take pride in. Don’t get your heart pounding due to unnecessary troubles.

We are here to help you with your all queries related to eyelash products. This is the prime aim of our customer service team. Reach out to us quickly and get your doubts cleared. Keep your expectations high with respect to us and we will never disappoint you.

People love us

I have a ton of people messaging me wanting me to order the products but I’m glad I went with you guys and I hope everything works out!! Thank you for working with me and making everything so special I really appreciate you alls hard work.


Yes ma’am thank you so much honestly never know there was ppl like you , ‘to help out ‘ Out of all the vendors I bought from your MY FAV ️ , I do sell but it’s rare on lashes , I Absolutely love all the lashes I got they will for ever and always be my fav lol ️ 🦋

Katlyn Moses - LA

Omg no way wow super fast ma’am 💖💖💖💖 yay can’t wait thank you so much miss Sophie , best company ever SP EYELASH 💕 Every looks so beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Syeda Dixon - canada

Yaayyy SP Eyelash , I’m lucky you got Sponsored on.

Ira Daniel - LA

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