Customized Packaging

A beauty product i.e., eyelashes within a mesmerizingly beautiful packaging is like a cherry on the cake and we are sure people in the beauty industry don’t mind a cherry.

To make sure that the services we provide you are the best, we leave no stone unturned. Everything ranging from the manufacturing to the packaging of the eyelashes is what we take pride in and we always go the extra mile to provide you with the best eyelashes’ quality and price. No compromise is forgiven on these two attributes.

Our Finest Package Types

A Variety of Choices for Private Label

SPEYELASH  has our own sales department and product design departments, so tell us what your need or ideas, we will offer personalized product packaging for you.


How to Get Your Private Label

Tell us what your need or your idea, and our designer team will give you. Please note: we will keep your paper card style confidential


Choose Private Label You Like

If you don't know what style of paper card you like, we also can offer some kinds of paper card from our design departments for you to choose.

Our Finest Package Types

A Variety of Choices for Strip Lashes 

Simple packaging is not the only option we’ve left you with. For eyelash products of your choice, get your hands on the packaging of your choice. You’re always welcome to choose from options of paper box, luxury magnetic box, and acrylic box.


Paper Box

Get your product in small and light-weight paper boxes for a simpler and more decent look.


Acrylic Box

You are even good to go for packaging as aesthetic as the eyelash products themselves and choose acrylic boxes.


Luxury Magnetic Box

If you’re a person who keeps great love for luxury, we still have our doors open for you. Quickly get your hands on our luxury magnetic box for your eyelash products.

Choose to Design A Custom Packaging

If you think you can come up with a better idea to package your eyelash products, you’ll still find us by your side. We are here to help you have your favorite packaging. Feel free to share with us the designs and drawings in accordance with which you want your packaging to be. We’ll always suggest to you what’s best to do. Before going for any choice, we’ll suggest you please keep in mind the type of audience you are addressing. Once you are sure about the type of audience, you’ll find us by your side in designing customized packaging.

In addition to a wide range of advantages you get with our offer of customized packaging, skim through the most obvious advantages that’ll help in making you surer about the decision.


Protect Your Product Better

It is widely known that beauty products like eyelash-related items require a greater deal of protection in comparison to other products. With customized packaging, we’ve opened doors for you towards a facility of better protection. This is the most ideal solution we could think of to keep your eyelash-related products safe and sound.


Give Your Audiences A Reason to Jump for Joy

Better customized packaging gives your audiences a reason to keep you above all the competition. Join hands with us and pack the beautiful eyelash products in appealing packaging to make your customers jump in joy.


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Product packaging more or less resembles the public appearance. So, decide to opt for a better public appearance with us as you are not only order for us!