The essentials to an eyelash extension business

by Adminepeyelashes on May 10, 2021

Emerging and everlasting industry

The beauty industry is an ongoing and everlasting industry that will always be considered a booming business because, till the time humans exist, the need for self-care products for human beings will also exist. Although we have set some pretty unrealistic standards for beautification goals people still try to keep up with whatever’s trending and hence the demand for makeup accessories, eyelash extensions, and other beauty-enhancing products continue to increase over time.  

Where to start in the eyelash industry?

One of the initial decisions that you have to make once you have thought of opening up an eyelash extension business is whether you’re going to rent a place for the setup or start the idea from the comfort of your home. One of the main benefits of wanting to become a part of the beauty industry is that you can start your business from the convenience of your home and that is the case for an eyelash extension business as well. So, to make the venture more cost-effective, we recommend setting up a small room in your house and starting small. In a few years see where your business is going and then decide on whether you want to expand to a shop or not.

Lashes and glue; the primary investment

You might be thinking about saving costs and rightly so, which is why in the initial section we mentioned how it’d be best for someone who wants to get in the business to start a small venture from home but at the same time, it is important to understand that there are some essentials that you will have to invest heavily in. Compromising on quality with the idea of minimizing the cost, in this case, would not be the best of your decisions. So the primary things you’d want to invest in for an eyelash extension business are the main raw products which include the lashes and the glue. Procuring some good quality material will enhance the quality of your work and bring in more business.

How much can you make in the eyelash business?

From our research which included going through some content online, we have found out how much money an eyelash business can potentially generate. On a reasonable note, the revenue generate depends on a few factors which include:

  • The level of experience

  • The clientele

  • The location

  • The studio

The level of experience

The level of experience is really important in the business. A good eyelash business would effectively run because of good word of mouth and satisfied clients and once you have sufficient experience and a loyal customer base, you can charge more compared to other people in the business.

The clientele

Identifying the target market is a really important step when it comes to starting any business. So you’ll have to understand which clients you’d be targeting. If they’re working women or housewives, they can probably afford the higher-end stuff taking into consideration their disposable income whereas if your clientele includes college-going students then it would be best to provide budget-friendly services.

The location

The location of a studio has a lot to do with the prices. A studio located in a densely populated urban area may charge more compared to a studio located in a remote suburb. Hence it is important to decide on a suitable location for your business.

The studio

It is also important to take into consideration whether you’re working at your studio or working with a more established brand. Initially, it would be best to build up your experience by working with a more well-known brand and then working your way up the ladder and starting your studio.

What’s the takeout in the eyelash business?

From what we’ve read while doing our secondary research for this blog, it is safe to assume that for a new artist in the business who is putting in 5 days a week at work and taking 2-3 clients per day, the takeout or the income would range between $75,000 - $150,000 a year and hence meaning a reasonable amount is being generated.

So should you start your own eyelash business?

Taking into consideration all the things discussed above, we’d recommend this business to anybody passionate about skincare, makeup, and beauty products. Start small and eventually think of how you’d want to expand once your business is up and running.



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