How to choose a great lash supplier

by yangdaisy on November 03, 2021

To start the eyelash business, choosing an eyelash manufacturer is an important factor for success. But now there are so many false eyelashes manufacturers in the market, how do you choose the one that suits you best?

1. Quality of False Eyelash
It must be the most important thing to choose your eyelash supplier with good lashes. The eyes are a very sensitive part and need to be very careful, so your customer wants to buy quality eyelashes for their eyes. If the eyelashes are not good, they will not feel comfortable.

2. Providing Eyelash Samples
It is a good way to order eyelash samples to test their eyelash quality and customer service within $100. when you receive your samples, you should check the package and the eyelash. If they have no problem, then use them on your eyes to feel the quality of your eyelashes.

3. Customer Service
When you want to find a partner for your business, you have to choose a company with 24/7 customer service with rich experience. It could make sure that you can get a reply on time when you meet the problems of before-sales, shipping, after-sales, or others. The company with rich experience can provide you with satisfactory support in all aspects when you have some problems.

4.Own Eyelash Factory
If your partner has a factory, you can get more suggestions on the style and development direction of eyelashes. When you encounter a problem, you can also get a more professional and fast solution compared to a partner without a factory. If you have special requirements regarding eyelash production, nothing can help you more than having their factory. In addition, you don't have to worry about the scale of your partner, because the factory has at least 100-200 workers to complete the mass production of eyelashes.

5. Package Designer
Your customers will decide whether they want to buy your eyelashes based on the packaging of the eyelashes. If you just start your eyelash business, you may need a professional team to help you design a unique box and private label for you, if you already have it. With your unique logo, you can also ask the designer to give you some suggestions when the holiday comes.


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